Why Install Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape LightingAlthough it’s often considered critical to have a well designed plan for indoor lighting, it’s common to overlook this type of planning for the exterior of a home. Exterior lighting boosts security and safety, while also improving the overall function of outdoor living spaces. Let’s examine how outdoor lighting can be of use to your property and your family.

Outdoor Lights Boost Safety

If your property is dark, it can present safety risks for your family, visitors, and you. If stairways and paths aren’t well lit, it can be difficult to see where you’re walking in order to clearly see obstacles. Severe falls can happen.

Installing stair lights and walkways on the exterior of your home can help boost the overall night time visibility. There are numerous options to choose from for illuminating the walkways around your home, ranging from landscape lighting to decorative outdoor fixtures.

Lights can also be installed along your individual paths, and are available in a wide variety of finishes and creative styles to suit your preferences. Post lights can be another option for attractive lighting, when installed around your outdoor paths, and can easily coordinate with your home decor. You may also want to consider installing driveway lights to keep your family safe, as well as to help drivers clearly see the boundaries of your property.

Security Lighting Helps to Deter Crime

It’s been clearly demonstrated that outdoor lighting deters crime that happens at night. There are multiple products on the market to help boost the safety of your home using lights that are outside.

As suggested by the name, flood lights add a flood of light to specific areas of your property, showing off every detail of the area and its landscaping.

Although outdoor lights are an excellent deterrent for crime, you likely don’t want to add light pollution to your entire neighborhood, as its wasteful overall. However, outdoor lights can be used with a motion sensor so that if motion is detected the flood light will automatically turn on and flood the entire area with light.

Working to set your security lights and your exterior lights up on a timer will also help you to manage your energy usage successfully, while working to keep your property well lit at appropriate times.

Use Exterior Lights for Additional Function

Without the right types of lights, some areas of the house just don’t work as they should; the same is also true of exterior areas of your home. Without exterior lights, these outdoor areas become inaccessible after it gets dark, which can limit your ability to enjoy them. When you install outdoor lighting, you’re able to extend your usage of exterior areas of your home well into the sunset hours.

Light your deck by adding lighting to posts and railings. Fixtures come in numerous finishes and styles, so that you can change the appearance of your exterior living spaces. For a covered porch, use recessed lighting for direct lighting, so that you can clearly illuminate outdoor tables and seating areas.

The addition of exterior sconce lights is popular, as it adds visibility around exterior doorways and the fixtures are available in many types of finishes and styles.

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