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We Make It Sound As Good As It Looks

After installing your brand new lighting, you may want to try fitting your home or office with some of the most technologically advanced audio options available. Autumn Oaks can make any space sound as good as or even better than it looks! Our TruAudio systems can be installed anywhere you want and the best thing is that our professionals will help you choose the best audio solutions.

Reliability, cost-effectiveness, limited maintenance and personalized customer experience are very important to us. Before you know it, you will be relaxing to the tune of your favorite songs, audio books or podcasts whenever and wherever you want!

Entertainment that perfectly compliments your lightingoutdoor landscape lighting mn

Our audio systems are designed to work in perfect harmony with your home or office’s lighting. Sight and hearing are two of the most important human senses and we know how important it is to have your property fitted with the best fixtures for these two senses.

Just like our lighting systems, our TruAudio systems are also low voltage. Our systems work cohesively to provide the best outdoor experience possible and make you enjoy the outdoors.

Directional zoning for the perfect ambiance

Do you want to create the perfect setting for a relaxing dinner, a day out by the pool or any other special event? Do you need a partner in making your client’s properties stand out?

Our audio systems can be installed in specific areas of your property to enforce the best sound and better ambiance. With our directional zoning process, you will be able to hear anything coming through your new audio system anywhere on your property.

Free Demonstrationsled landscape lighting mn

For 2 nights, you will be able to have Autumn Oaks’ innovative audio systems installed in your home or office! We offer free demonstrations that give you a rough idea of how great it is to have Autumn Oaks systems fitted on your property.

After the demonstration, you can tell us what you like, what you didn’t like and figure out the right personalized solution for you and your home or office. I am sure that the demonstration will make you enjoy our fixtures and make you wish they were installed in your property as soon as possible!

Let Autumn Oaks light your way!