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Lighting is Much More Than Aesthetics

Lighting is meant to enhance your entire home or office. For over 50 years our process has been an in-depth one that takes each project fully from the initial investment to installation. We also follow up by providing incomparable technical support.

Our Quality Service Backs Up Our Quality Systemslow voltage landscape lighting minneapolis

The lighting layouts and audio setups that we offer are high quality and durable. Autumn Oaks is committed to giving each of our clients the best system to fit their residence or business. First we assess the property and then devise a strategy that we will execute with impeccable installation. We offer a two-year warranty for labor and materials. Manufacturer warranties also run for one- to -five years and some even last for a lifetime. If ever a problem occurs, we will take care of it right away.

Residential or Commercial

You might be an office manager that is looking for optimal lighting for employees or you might be a homeowner that needs better backyard lighting. It does not matter what you need, if it is innovative lighting or audio systems, we are the professionals that will make your vision a reality. Businesses need proper lighting everywhere for safety and productivity. We understand this. A homeowner can also use our services to improve aesthetics and improve security. Anyone can use Autumn Oaks’ services to improve their property.

We Are Members of MNLA

As members of the Minnesota Landscaping Association, we endeavor to give you the best service possible. Our experts are highly versed in all aspects of lighting. They are experienced at the installation of both lighting and audio systems. Let us transform your home or office with our professional service and our keen insight into the best lighting and audio solutions for your needs. Call or fill out our form today for a free estimate!

Let Autumn Oaks light your way!